Dive Into the Pages of Horse Race History and Win Horse Games

Horse racing is a very popular equestrian sport enjoyed universally by millions of people every season. It is an interesting yet complicated game, full of minute intricacies. In order to be able to appreciate the ‘King of Sports’, it is important that a horse racing fan first gain a basic understanding of the extraordinary horse race history and the amazing culture behind this great sport.

When you are well informed about your favorite sport, playing an online 3D simulation video game will be all the more fun. In these games, you get numerous opportunities to prove your horsemanship by demonstrating your riding, breeding, betting and training skills. Just imagine what it would feel like if you get a chance to breed great sires and dams of the world and then name their progeny. Online horse racing games offer you all this and much more!

Horse racing is not just about betting on horses or which race has the richest purse in the world. The horse race history is very rich and has its roots entrenched in the 12th century. Horse racing as we know it today is believed to have originated with the return of English knights from the Crusades, on their majestic Arab stallions.

The Arab horse pedigree were imported and bred with the English mare to produce offspring that were a powerful combination of strength, speed, endurance and agility. Gambling on racing horses became the favorite leisure activity of the aristocracy. With time, the popularity of the game spread to US as well as other parts of Europe.

During the 1700s, horse racing gained the status of a professional sport which led to the founding of Jockey Club. It is an authoritative body that was formed in 1750 and governs English racing even today. It laid down the rules of race horse breeding as well as standards that defined the quality of racing. This resulted in the designation of particular races that are recognized as the ultimate tests of excellence till date.

Although reading all about the horse race history will not necessarily make you a top racing game player but it will certainly help to form a bond between the virtual and real world. When you are familiar with the past achievements of your beloved champion race horse, it will not only make you the proud virtual owner but also help to bring out the best in you while you play an online fantasy racing game.

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